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This Code of Conduct has been drawn up to ensure that all Ambassadors on Outbound Journeys run by Friendship Force Taupo are aware of the expectations of the Ambassador Coordinator (AC) and of the other Ambassadors on the journey, in order to ensure everyone involved is able to relax and enjoy themselves and get the maximum benefit from their journey experience.

  1. The Ambassador Coordinator (AC) of this journey has been chosen by Friendship Force Taupo, and given authority by Friendship Force International to lead and conduct this journey in the best interests of all parties concerned. Ambassadors must agree to follow the directions and instructions of the AC at all times.
  2. As an Ambassador, you must be aware that your actions reflect on New Zealand, on Taupo, and on Friendship Force Taupo. You will be expected to conduct yourself in an exemplary manner at all times.
  3. You will travel with a positive, open mind and remember that you are a guest in a foreign country and have no rights to criticise people, their religion, customs or government.
  4. You will stay positive and respectful at all times, and will consider the impact on others of what you say and your reaction to situations.
  5. You will at all times consider the needs of other Ambassadors and your hosts, and will not put your own needs before those of others.
  6. You will not at any time criticise your hosts to the other Ambassadors or listen to them criticise their hosts to you.  If any difficulties are encountered with your host, you agree to raise these with the Ambassador Coordinator only.
  7. You undertake to take a full part in all the scheduled activities of the journey unless these scheduled activities have been clearly described as optional.
  8. When travelling between journeys you agree that you will follow the instructions and directions of the Ambassador Coordinator and will not deviate from what has been arranged without the clear consent of the Ambassador Coordinator.
  9. You must be willing to help offset the costs of your hosts by offering to buy your lunches or other casual meals, and to share and contribute to other costs when appropriate. It is customary to take your hosts to dinner on one occasion for each journey.

Be yourself, but be your BEST self!