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What is a Journey?

A journey is the process through which Friendship Force Clubs around the world meet and foster goodwill and develop lasting friendships.  Journeys take place between clubs or to specail places.  Ambassadors travel with their home club and are hosted by clubs in other countries.  On an inward Journey, our members host the ambassadors from the travelling club in our homes; and likewise on an outward Journey, we stay in our hosts' homes.

Why is travel with Friendship Force called a Journey?

In the early days of the organisations history, these were known as exchanges because they involved exchanging large groups of ambassadors between clubs. In some cases there were several hundred people travelling in each direction.  This is now known as a journey to emphasise the cultural Journey that takes place when you become a 'temporary citizen' for a few days, through our home hospitality programme.  We think this gets you straight to the heart of a country and its people.

Host families receive no payment for opening their homes to friendship ambassadors.  Ambassadors pay their own travel expenses plus an administration fee.

Inbound Journeys

The host club, Wellington, is responsible for recruiting members who will open their homes to visiting ambassadors.  On an inward Journey we can accommodate 10-20 visitors.  A programme is set up which will include local tours and group activities reflecting community life and local culture.

Outbound Journeys

Ambassadors may be members of any club in New Zealand.  Wellington ambassadors may also apply to join any Outbound Journey being conducted by another club, in any country.  Either before or after the Journey, members may choose independent travel or arrange to return home.

For each Outbound Journey, our club produces a trip diary which remains as a permanent record of the great times we had on that Journey. Please click on the link below to view these diaries.

Upcoming Journeys:

Click on the link below to view details of upcoming inward and outward journeys.